Genki Genki Panic! at the disco


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Spooky Fingers


©2016 Genki Genki Panic

FFO: White Zombie. Danny Elfman, Ventures, Misfits, Instrumental punk.

For the love of god. please forgive me for that awful pun, but i couldn’t help myself….

GGP is an instrumental Horror-Surf-Punk-kitchen sink type of band who wear luchador masks and sometimes elaborate costumes. I’ve yet to see them live but i can only imagine how awesome their live shows must be. Normally i’m not a huge fan of instrumental music, let alone instrumental punk, but something about their Ventures-Misfits-Danny elfman hybrid just rubs me the right way.

This is the band’s 3rd album (?) their  5th overall release.

Opener “werewolf by night” sounds like something straight out of a Tim Burton or Ed Wood film. It opens with a girl screaming before launching into a riff that sounds akin to dick dale in the twilight zone. The song careens like a spooky car chase around a jagged mountain top in the fog.  the Xylophone(i’m assuming) is a nice touch.Great way to start off the record. 9/10

Next up is “two girls one casket” and it starts with some thunder before jumping right into a solid scooby doo chase scene groove. that is no slight either, this is absolutely potent stuff. Everything seems very loose, yet deliberate. This song could fit right in on the soundtrack to scooby doo or any horror film from the 60’s, yet is interesting enough to hold your attention despite lacking vocals (this is a hard thing to do for me.). The choir refrain is a refreshing tid bid before locking back into it’s groove. 8.5/10

“desecration” is next and it brings down the speed to a creepy crawl with lots of reverb and a waltz pattern for the first 30 seconds or so before bringing the pace back up for a quick build up. the song has sense of dread to it i like very much. this song sounds less cartoon-y although let’s be clear the cartoon-y-ness i speak of is definitely not a bad thing.  “desecration” sounds like something from one of those 60’s spy shows, like AVENGERS, or James Bond, etc….At any rate GGP have their claws in me, i’m already sold. 9/10

“Phantom III ’37” barrels back in at full speed after “desecration”‘s slow down, before switching gears into a salsa-like groove. This is my least favorite song on the EP and it’s still incredibly listenable. Outside of Mars Volta and Mexican restaurants Salsa has never really been my thing.  Even being my least favorite song on the EP, it’s still an awesome song. 7/10

Next is “When Bats Cry” the finale!  and what a finale it is.  This song is the perfect summation of the rest of the ep.  This song jells so well, i had to listen to it thrice to catch everything that was going on.  It’s spooky without being too cheesy or too serious. it’s the perfect song for this genre. 10/10


Overall this is great ep, everything you could ask for in this genre of music. So if you’re a fan of horror-punk, vintage TV soundtracks, and all things spooky be sure to pick this album up when it comes out on 3.11.16


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Genki Genki Panic! at the disco

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